• Fiona Bowden

December 2016

Daughters graduation in Dunedin was a great opportunity for a family holiday.  This photo was taken with myself and Vanessa last year in the gardens of Larnach Castle.  The opportunity to visit Larnach Castle was extra special as the gardens are simply amazing and what I like even better is that the Head Gardner of this place has an extra special name Fiona (if course I’m biased cos that’s my name too).  I took so many photos that day as the gardens were simply stunning. We were there for a limited time and it was expensive to view the gardens as a family and also there was a charge for the buildings inside too.  My wonderful Mum who accompanied us on this trip chose to look inside the castle buildings and took Jacinta and Nicola with her. We were lucky to visit the castle as Dean wanted to visit the gardens so he was happy to pay for this.

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