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My Journey So far

Well its taking me longer to get my house in order so to speak to keep up with the necessary requirements of setting up a clinic.  I have started out well and now find that I am enjoying a new sense of freedom and I have progressed well.

Getting back to working with clients again is taking time but I look forward to a full clinic sometime soon.

I am finding my part time work in the health food supplement store is a great way of meeting new people and offering them solutions to enhance their well being.   In the store we usually have a very small time frame to discuss options to a person.

I am looking forward to intergrating this in to my reflexology practice which will be an advancement of what I have previously offered.  Having upgraded to a diploma level has also meant that I can look at things a little differently.

Creating brochures and business cards and networking is a great start for me.

There are so many electronic advertisements and groups that one can join up and spend the day in next to no time.

I have discovered neighbourlyand have signed up for this.

My new website will take some time but looking forward to the increasing changes that this will bring

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