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My Reflexology Clinic

Getting back into Reflexology with Tuesday afternoon clinics.

Back in 2006  I had to move out of my existing premises  due to a mall upgrade and as I was not a large business I was not acknowledged and my presence was not helpful to the mall so I had to wind down and then finding a new premises was in the too hard basket  so I let my clinic and business lapse and took up voluntary work with reflexology as it fitted with my lifestyle at the time and I networked with lots of fellow reflexologists to keep my interest in reflexology going while I was not actively practicing. Having had a busy practice over the years I took some time off reflexology with clients as there were other priorities in my life .  However now my children are older I have chosen to keep on with reflexology as it is a passion that stays with me and rather than fighting it it is better to see where it will take me and I totally value the powerfulness of this therapy.

While it may not suit everyone.  I honestly can say that the people that receive this therapy are much better off for it and I think it helps to enrich their own lives and to help empower them to make decisions that are right for them.

Once upon a time I would have chased clients up to work with their requirements so they could receive reflexology however these days I am kinder to myself and if someone wishes to receive reflexology I am offering the opportunity on Tuesdays.

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