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The Journey is Ongoing

I have a passion for using my digital creativity and have recently updated my Tolkaframes page and  I am slowly  integrating  my digital work  so i am finding this to be a source of inspiration for me and I am going to be selling images and posters.

The Tolka frames journey of my life was symbolic for me as it represented a link to my children and an opportunity to spend more time with them as they were growing up however now it is time to move on from that part of my journey as my children are grown up now and I am letting a part go of my life that has served its purpose but it is time for things that are better suited to my current situation.

Keeping up with progression is so important to keep evolving and growing.So many things to consider in the big picture of life.

My Reflexology Chart is getting so much closer to being completed now. I have taken a break while I focus on other things however now I know the time is right to complete and focus on unfinished projects now.

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