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This little gem of a building was a great little opportunity for me to be able to practice reflexology in a professional space and I feel totally blessed to have come across this.  I rent the space on a Tues afternoon and maybe will extend it to a Wednesay morning too at some stage if the need arises.

However I am enjoying just having a small time where I am able to practice and help clients to relax and find themselves.  Reflexology is such a specialised field that many people totally underestimate and they think that foot massage is the same thing but it definitely is not.  If you give yourself the opportunity to experience a reflexology session you will notice the difference,  You may also wish to try a foot massage from someone and if you are discerning enough you will note that there is definitely no comparison.

Massage will help you relax and is definitely helpful however a true reflexologist will work on all parts of the foot and also take in to account how it affects the organs of the body when they are working.

It is most unlikely that a massage therapist who reads a book and learns a few tips from people will totally understand the therapy. In my view on speaking with massage therapists about reflexology some are extremely arrogant and think they know it all after reading something and what they fail to understand is that Reflexology impacts a person in totally different ways that Massage can help.  Sometimes massage is what someone will benefit more from

I find in my view massage therapists are very caring kind people that want to help people however when it comes to working the feet for a reflexology session as a client you would be better advised to put yourself in the capable hands of a fully trained reflexologist. It is a profession that is slowly growing as a known complementary therapy having been around for a long time.

Another project I am currently working on is looking at the history and origins of reflexology in NZ and how it has shaped our industry in NZ and I have begun using our National organisation as a starting point and spoken to some life members however there is so much more out there that needs to be learnt and understood about reflexology in NZ

Currently there is one national reflexology body that is responsible for members that wish to belong and is made up of many long time reflexologists and now is building a new foundation using people that have trained at a Diploma level.  However it must be noted that there are many people in the industry that are practicing reflexology.

Depending on your nationality and culture you will have learned techniques specific to helping a person.

From my research so far I have worked out that the Chinese have a system for working with the feet, the Japanese also have their own specific techniques, The Europeans also have a system specifically in Germany.

Each country around the world it appears there is a way of connecting with a person linking with their feet.  This is a completely different subject again and one that I am currently learning more about and would like to produce a written publication on this too.

However for now I am working on NZ’s origins and reflexology in NZ.  The document is named The History of the Reflexology Culture in NZ.

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